Product and Service Positioning

This stuff might be old hat in the US, but not so much internationally.

Basically, what we advocate is positioning IN CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS. What they think is reality, not what your marketing department tells you.

A quick way to get a handle on where you stand is to ask your customers “Who do you think we’re like?” Why did you chose us ?”

If you’re retail, attach a post-paid card to your product, or send your service customers a survey, asking the same questions.

If you’re b2b, you can get all your customer-facing people to ask customers the same questions over, say, a week’s period. Then take a look at the results.

And then, take a look at all your promotion materials….do they convey distinction. If not, change ’em.

If you want any feedback, let us know. We see your websites through the headers, so we can render some limited opinons.

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