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Blinder, Back to Econ 102

Alan Blinder is a well known economist, but we think he might be having problems with his public policy role at Princeton, and maybe needs a little rethink on some econ, too.. We say that because he wrote an op-ed … Continue reading

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give your folks something

You don’t need to give your workers a blanket $1,000 per. Think about it; what can you afford, even with the tax cut? What’s meaningfull to them? Continue reading

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OK Google, You’ve Been Served

This is the title of an op ed in the Wall Street Journal, and it shows in graphic detail what can happen when PC personnel policies run amok. The Journal makes the point that Google is something of a monoculture: … Continue reading

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Lighten up on Apple, Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Monday the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)┬áran an ‘article’ about how Apple should work to cut down on the use of cell phones by children. Buried in about para 5 was a similar plea to the other phone makers. It’s an … Continue reading

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What’s Likely in 2018

Well, if you’re like us, you’re probably glad 2017 is over. Five months on the binnacle list is enough, thank you. But, it’s on to 2018. What do we see? Continued easing of regulations at the federal level. And at … Continue reading

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All the Pundits, Save Rush, Need to Take Macro 101

As is well known, we don’t think much of Congress. They finally did the tax cut, but the hue and cry about adding to the deficit is alarming in that it betrays so much ignorance about history and macroeconomics. First, … Continue reading

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A Caution on Sexual Harassement Claims

Over the last couple of weeks, we imagine that many of you are digging out your employment manuals to refresh what they say on handling sexual harrassement claims. We’ve noticed, starting with Judge Moore, that there’s a notable reported lack … Continue reading

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CEOs are watching TV for biz answers?

About a month ago (we’re a little behind) there was an article in the Wall St. Journal about business owners and CEOs watching certain television shows, as having something useful to say about the running of a company. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Profiles in No Courage No. 2

It’s humorous watching the Washington Dimms scurry for cover as the stuff related to uranium goes through the fan. Why in the world did these people think that they wouldn’t eventually get found out, even if by accident? Same thing … Continue reading

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Clearing Off the Desk

Economic thoughts Continue reading

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