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Repeat it

“A reduction in refinery output has been matched in recent weeks by sharp increases in wholesale gasoline prices,” Laskoski said, noting a 20 cent climb in wholesale prices from Jan. 7 to Jan. 30. At the same time, energy efficiency … Continue reading

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Workplace Democracy Gets Ambushed

I was watching Gunslingers last night on the AHC, and it seems that Wild Bill Hickock has been reincarnated as the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The title comes from the Wall Street Journal, which has outlined the latest ambush … Continue reading

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How Senior Leaders Can Connect with Front Line Workers

This was the title of an October 14th, 2014 article in Smart Briefs, and I thought it deserved both some comment and wider distribution. Here are the methods: 1. Distributed leadership. Push leadership down through your company to your direct … Continue reading

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Not thought

Not thought this through James have you.You are riding a bike, you have a heart attack, stroke, faint, brain hemorrhage, fall off the bike and sustain a catastrophic head injury.It’s entirely possible, as I said.You are riding a bike, you … Continue reading

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Put a Dollar Value on Your Time

The Wall Street Journal is getting more like Entrepreneur every day, but since their circulation dwarfs all the other business rags, it’s good to see them doing articles that help small business entrepreneurs. The thrust of this article is to … Continue reading

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How Not to Treat Departing Employees

This post was inspired by my younger son, who is transitioning out of his job with one company and going out on his own in a profession. What’s interesting about the process is the shabby manner in which his former … Continue reading

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The Business Case for Immigration

Immigration has been much in the news recently, and I thought we should restate what our policy is (it hasn’t changed since Tomas Leon and I hatched it up over lunch about 5 years ago): 1. We have a different … Continue reading

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Driving Customer Loyalty

We all know that customer loyalty is a good thing. After all, you spent money to acquire that customer somewhere in the past, and you’d like to keep him or her. Or, another customer referred said customer to you, and … Continue reading

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