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The High Cost of Saving a Failing Business?

Ya gotta love the Wall Stree Journal. They had a big article on March 26th on the high cost of saving a failing business, by putting it into Chapter 11, which might have amazed some, and scared some with the … Continue reading

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Marketing That Pays Off

Spend what you must on marketing, don’t worry about wasting some money, and figure out how to close the prospects your marketing generates. Continue reading

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4 Keys to Finding Hidden Leaders in Your Organization

There are hidden leaders in your organization; you just have to spot them and take a chance. Here are the qualities to look for. Continue reading

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If it’s not on the agenda, we don’t talk about it

This article appeared in Fast Company, and is in support of organized meetings, rather than disorganized blabfests. Meetings are one of the unfortunate byproducts of corporate life, but we’ve normally gotta have ’em. The trick is to keep them short … Continue reading

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Make Time For Yourself

There was an article in Fast Company recently that struck a nerve: Bobbi Brown, the founder of the cosmetics line of the same name, did an article on how she gets away from running her business: exercise, going to the … Continue reading

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