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The Business Case for Brexit

We’re commenting on this because 40% of our School enrollees come from outside the United States, so we think it would be in order. So, here goes: Philosophically, the Brits just don’t fit with the other, more socialized and structured … Continue reading

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Hamlet Ryan

This isn’t a political blog, but we do get into leadership, or lack of it. Whatever you might say about the Donald, he’s a leader. Get on the noisy train, or he’ll diss you and you’d wish you’d been thrown off. … Continue reading

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Four Essential Elements of a Power USP

We have a course on this topic in The American School, which fleshes out these ideas, but reading this blogpost is even faster than taking the course. In case you don’t know, USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, or what … Continue reading

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Do You Need an Incubator?

We tend to ignore those folks in startup mode, but we were all startups once. Entrepreneur had some useful stats in its May issue, such as: Major benefits were connections (29%), community (29%), and information sharing (21%). About what you’d … Continue reading

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Why Mentally Tough Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence

It’s been a while since we wrote about this topic, and the Harvard Business Review has come up with some concrete outcomes of having emotional intelligence. The overarching idea is that you’ll be mentally tough, not go to pieces at … Continue reading

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