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Theranos: A Cautionary Tale

Our compliments to the Wall Street Journal for exposing the mess there is at what could be a blockbuster company. It appears Ms. Holmes ignored all or most of the tenets of starting a company, which we’ll repeat here, for the … Continue reading

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If the state you are in (and the state the father is in) has

Someone told me the other day I come in a room like a bolt of lightning. I am high energy and a bit aggressive. I have also been told by a guy that like me I was intimidating and I … Continue reading

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Edgbaston has a reputation as something of a party ground

Critics have said Takata and NHTSA have not moved fast enough on the issue. Consumers asked a federal judge in Miami to speed up a class action against Takata and four automakers, saying public safety was at stake. District Judge … Continue reading

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He even shared his own concerns and fears as someone who is

And there is no captain steve lane employed there. Remember. Companies and even police agencies will. Looking at the numbers for 2016, Hillsborough County has the most amount of babies born addicted compared to the other Florida counties. Cherie Foster, … Continue reading

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Please look at pictures, if any questions ask

We get it male sex toys, Chili is rad and new apartments suck. I bet you dying to find a crime ridden neighborhood that going to be developed in the next 5 years so you can keep being weird and … Continue reading

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It was not for a recreational drug

CEP5 is also demonstrated to have an antagonistic relationship with auxin, with increased abundance of CEP5 leading to downstream stabilisation of the auxin signalling repressor AUXIN/INDOLE ACETIC ACID (AUX/IAA) proteins. Correspondingly, reduced abundance of CEP5 increases auxin responses, including enhanced … Continue reading

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You Don’t Want to Be An Entrepreneur: Sallie Krawcheck.

This is the time of the year when things are slowing down, and maybe, just maybe you’re thinking about starting a business. Sallie Krawcheck, who used to be a high ranking officer with Citibank, and one of the highest ranking … Continue reading

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Free Pick ups at your cruise port

Obtaining the right balance of alerting to adequately improve patient safety should be a priority. Workshop funded through the European Regional Development Fund was convened by the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust to assess current knowledge on alerts in … Continue reading

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She eventually began enjoying more and more “girls nights out

For research seismologists that is gold. It’s helping them to build up a very rich picture of where, when and how big our earthquakes are and where they are not (yet). This increasingly detailed understanding of New Zealand’s seismic risk … Continue reading

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How to Fix the Small Business Lending Process

We recently applied for a small business loan through One Main Financial, which was approved in 24 hours, but the interest rate was up there with the credit cards, so we turned it down. As a result, One Main invited … Continue reading

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