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Donny and Carly

trump and Fiorina are THE probusiness candidates, and let’s stress this. Continue reading

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An Intense Workplace Doesn’t Have to Be Cruel

This was a great title whose text didn’t quite live up to the title. And, it was reinforced by the recently reported problems that Jeff Bezos is having with his Amazon culture….apparently some people who work for him are being … Continue reading

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Company Culture

company culture is often overlooked but critical to growth. Ya gotta have the right people on the bus. Continue reading

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I walked

With Halloween approaching, officials are warning the public about the dangers associated with counterfeit decorative contact lenses. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are working together to seize illegal and harmful versions of correctable vision lenses and decorative or color contact … Continue reading

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Your Customers Will Tell You About Good Customer Service

several well known authors take a stab at defining customer service, come up short Continue reading

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That’s where shale gas and cheap energy could come in. Costs were one tenth of Europe’s. Pianalto’s office said the Cleveland Fed chief went over her notes and found that one third was the more accurate figure]. Photo: anokarina/FlickrGUACAMOLE 61 … Continue reading

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This feature

The box proceeds to flash, on and off, The guy, of course, finishes straight away. He literally (Insert smiling emoji here.) I know I digress, but it so funny you have to google it. Anyhow, just as Tod shoots me … Continue reading

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Trump on Business

Lost in all the media commotion of whether the Donald is going to run (which he is) and whether he’ll be around at the end (he will) at the convention, is what he might do to help the business community, … Continue reading

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