A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Sounds like Hubspot has done us all a great favor in uncovering the fact that you can do an email campaign on Linked In, right? Sounds like a great idea for all of us who have large Linked In networks, right? Sounds like LinkedIn has figured out a way to increase revenues, right?

As Rocky used to say ‘not so fast Moosebreath’.

Hubspot has done a great service in bringing this to our attention.

The problem is that it doesn’t work as laid out in the Hubspot article…..we tried it. We don’t purport to be tech geniuses, but LinkedIn has a long way to go in making this process user friendly. A couple of pointers to LinkedIn

1. Don’t limit the headline to 25 Characters…that’s pretty small by ad copy standards.

2. If you advertise 1.2 million business owners, don’t put a bunch of roadblocks in the path of sending an email to these folks. For example, if we are providing online business coaching, we’d like to mail to all 1.2 million. We don’t want strictures on our message caused by ‘School’ or ‘Industry’. These seem arbitrary.

3. 75 Characters for the message is on the verge of being too short, at least for  our proposition to do business coaching online.   We’re all for brevity in email marketing messages, but this is a little much.

If you want to link to the Hubspot blogpost, it’s http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/34069/a-simple-guide-to-setting-up-your-first-linkedin-ad-campaign

However, the LinkedIn process is a flawed at present, so we’d wait this one out. Maybe LinkedIn personnel will read this blog and fix the things that we find wrong. It’s a great idea, guys, but it needs some more work. You’ve clearly invested a lot of time into creating this process, no go fix it.


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