5 Public Relations Rules for the Social Media Age

James Crawford, of Crawford PR, did a very useful blogpost for American Express Open on how to think about public relations in the social media age.

What we found useful about the post was that it combined new age social media thoughts with old line public relations concerns about message, target markets and crisis public relations.

Interestingly, the focus of the piece was more on Twitter than Facebook. Stressed were the importance of targetting the message, developing media contacts and not shotgunning your tweets to everyone in the media universe. James also had an interesting take on crisis management: don’t assume that because you tweeted about it, that the crisis is solved. CEOs still need to get out front of the situation, and promptly….don’t hide behind your people and lawyers, especially. Do the right thing for customers.

Here’s the link to the post: https://info.americanexpress.com/5-public-relations-rules-for-the-social-media-age.html

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