Is Rupert Murdoch Leading?

I spent about an hour today watching the hearings, and have been following the news rather closely, because I’ve done crisis public relations for years, Ford, Gateway, Taser, et. al.

Actually, I think Rupert is leading just fine, and his son James isn’t doing too badly, either, although the latter has to think a little more before opening his mouth, but that’ll come with more practice.
By getting all the sordid details of the hacking scandal out, and then commenting directly, Murdoch played it just about the way one is supposed to. Contrast his performance with that of Jonah Schnaknai, the CEO of Medicis, who couldn’t even be found for two days. Murdoch has been highly accessible, has stood by his people, up until they go in the gaol, and is doing his own internal investigation.
Murdoch’s clearly taken some heat, but it doesn’t to faze the old guy, probably because he’s been to lots of these rodeos.
So, hang in there Rupert, we’re wit cha.

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