If you're serious about improving your prospecting skills. . .

. order generic cialis . . you will record your calls and listen to them.

There is no better way to order generic viagra improve your prospecting skills than to listen to your calls.  You will accelerate your progress and success far beyond your imagination.  You will self-correct. 

Did you know that when making a prospecting call only 27% of the communication are the words you speak?  73% of the communication is your tonality, which includes, the volume, pitch, quality, speed, intonation and inflection in your voice.  These stats are from Dr.

Birdwhistle’s research out of the University of Pennsylvania. 

It takes courage to record your calls.  It’s worth it!  I promise.

Ryan at www.newcallsolutions.com can set you up to record your calls if you do not have technology in place to do this.


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