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Trump Bump 2

OK, here we go, America. We’d still like to see tax cuts before Obamacare reform (we’ve provided some ideas to Trump), because we think a little profit bump will help more companies than Obamacare changes help consumers, but who knows? … Continue reading

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Is Obama Forming a Shadow Government?

It’s not really business news, unless you consider all the damage that Little Barry and the Gangsters did to business over his 8 years. But, I’ve been hearing that Little Barry and his acolytes are forming a shadow government for … Continue reading

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Don’t Give the Iranians the Money

This post is a little afield of the sorts of things we normally blog about, but it does get to our international audience, and it does get into what to do when your assets abroad get seized. We heard an … Continue reading

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SMB Comments on 9/16 Repub Debate

Well, after sifting through all the snark, we have a few comments about the debate (we’re going to be so presumptious to speak for SMBs): 1. Aside from Trump and Fiorina, it doesn’t seem to us that the rest of … Continue reading

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The Shop Steward in the White House

Ronald Melsburg in the 9/4 Wall Street Journal, probably in honor of Labor Day, has written a disturbing article for those of your who head companies larger than 50 employees. Mr. Melsburg is clearly a labor lawyer, and a prominent … Continue reading

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Don’t Kill the Golden Goose

Well, Obama’s SOTU speech last night was a recycling of all the old liberal hoo-hah that they’ve been peddling for the last 20 years, aside from Clinton, who, after he got clobbered, veered to center right in his second term … Continue reading

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Burn It Down?

I’m saddened by all the small business owners in Ferguson, MO that have had their businesses torched by the outside agitators. This is a subject that has gotten nearly no media attention…..none of the lamebrain media has thought more deeply … Continue reading

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C’mon over!

What a bunch of brickbrains we have in Washington. Of course we should make it possible for 4 million formerly illegal folks to become citizens. Has any of these clowns looked at the unemployment rate (if it can be believed) … Continue reading

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OMG! Not Another Czar!

Jeez, if there’s one thing we DONT need, it’s another guy or gal to gum up the works with commentary on what the government is doing late and short on the Ebola crisis. They’re not exactly up to speed on the … Continue reading

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Small-Biz Sales

Don’t commit any of the deadly sins of sales Continue reading

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