Teaching Entrepreneurship Gets An Incomplete

Bless the Wall Street Journal. They should read their email files once in a while. They keep writing that entrepreneurship education isn’t what it should be, ignoring the articles that we’ve written to them about our School. Now we’ll just vent in our blog.

The referenced article is about the incomplete state of entrepreneurship education, and the WSJ is right.

The problems with ent ed, as we refer to it, is that the courses were expensive, and didn’t cover all the subjects that entrepreneurs need, especially for ongoing companies. We’ve tried to fix that with our humble school, and we’re at least making money at it.

Our courses don’t have to pass through academic review boards….only peer groups of mentors for the School. Our students definitely let us know if they think we’re wrong about something or the course needs more/different content.

We wouldn’t call ent ed incomplete, just evolving.

So, WSJ, take another look. It’s www.theasoe.com.

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