Obamacare has started—Are You Ready, Employers?

Our buddy Shauna Wekerlein, world’s funniest tax CPA, has published what we think is the most comprehensive set of guidelines for employers that we’ve seen.

It’s long, so we’ll give you the link below, and offer a couple of pieces of commentary:

You’re required to post a notice about insurance and choices, but if you have insurance, most employees probably know it, and it’s only if you don’t have insurance where they might want to chose to have it. You should have received a sample notice, but in our experience, only a few did, so you’ll have to go through the dreaded www.healthcare.gov, or ask an insurance agent.

Apparently there isn’t much about what employers have to do under Obamacare, but state insurance exchanges are a source, as are many business insurance agents.

Here’s the link the Shauna’s article: www.taxgoddess.com/2013/09/05/obamacare-starts=10113-are-you-ready-employers/

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