Pivoting From Obamacare

Well, just as we’re trashing all things Obamacare (other than delaying the employer mandate to do it), comes word via the Wall St. Journal (Adam Janofsky, Sarah Needleman’s writing partner on Small Business) that a few hardy businessmen are hiring full time  people.

We find it interesting that the WSJ put this article out online, but not in their print versions.

It appears most of the money owners aside is going into plant and equipment, but full time people are being hired.

We imagine that owners are hiring quality people when they’re available, especially after reviewing with one of our clients why he’s gone through two order entry/inventory management specialists in the last month. And we thought his wage was competitive.

It also appears that many businesses are vieweing Obamacare as the trainwreck it is, and just deciding that they can’t wait for the government to get its act together on implementation of Obamacare.

With the House vote to deny the IRS administrative duties on Obamacare, that just happened this morning (Pacific time), there’s more confusion.

The Journal link is http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1001……there’s more to this link…the Journal gets credit for the longest links in the biz.

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