Selling versus Marketing

It is so important to understand the difference between selling and marketing.  In my view marketing is whatever an entrepreneur does to drive leads into his or her business.  Selling is exchanging products and services for money and most importantly, selling is persuading people to do what you want them to do for their own benefit.  There are so many components to selling successful.

One of the most important first steps is to create a laser-sharp value proposition.  If you need a worksheet to help you do this, please email me and we’ll forward you the worksheet.

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2 Responses to Selling versus Marketing

  1. Connie is exactly right. In several of my early marketing consulting assignments, the owner would say ‘go sell something’, when in reality it was hard to sell because the marketing positioning wasn’t right. Which means the value proposition (cost versus benefits) wasn’t existent, or wasn’t well expressed, or in some cases, there wasn’t a good emotional component to the sale (in b2b sales there usually isn’t).

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