How To Make Your Business Blog Informative

If you’re going to stand out among the 54 million blogs done worldwide, Amie Marse, writing for, has some useful suggestions, 7 of them actually.

Standing out is good, but you really want to be read by your potential customers….this blog is read by about 25,000 readers on a good month, all entrepreneurs (we think) and we value what they say.

We tend to pick articles that we think you’ll like out of the various blogposts that we read every day.

We strive to be the entrepreneurial newspaper, a compendium of news from other blogs, with our commentary.

Amie missed the fact that blogs will boost your search engine rankings, and possibly doing a video blog. We haven’t done video blogs yet, but we did post some experimental videos for courses on our new web site. (Our target launch date is October 1st).

Here’s the link to Amie’s article:

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