Bear With Us on Responses

As one of our mentors put it, ‘well, you wanted a world famous business blog and now you’ve got it.

We also woke up a lot of spambots.

What happened was that we got found by Reddit, Tmblr, Yahoo News and elevated in our blog rankings by Google in one week.

So, from a weekly volume of posts of maybe 250, we went to 1500 in one week., and a holiday week, at least in the United States. I was talking to one of my Solutions Forum clients when I noticed the avalanche start on July 4th.

So, while the recognition is nice, nine months in coming (as a couple of you asked), it’s sorta buried us…..our mentors are shocked. I got one who writes on franchising asking what we did….he got 36 responses in two days, more than he’s seen in six months. Nice to know you potential franchisees are out there.

Our internet guru saw about the same. Nice to know you’re paying attention on how to fix your internet site and whether/when to use Facebook and Twitter.

Now, as one mentor said, y’all go buy some courses.

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