A New Approach on Terrorism

Well, this topic is a little off what we normally blog about, but it’s been bugging me for a few months.

I also have to confess that being a former intelligence officer has a lot to do with my thinking, as does the recent terrorist incident in London.

Let’s try a different approach: take the most likely suspects, interrogate them through the FBI, and local police and see what falls out. Let’s talk to the folks who are supposedly ‘on the radar’. And, let’s try a pilot program in about five US cities….New York, Boston, Seattle Detroit, and Los Angeles, anywhere that has a high concentration of possible Muslim terrorists. We find these folks based on telephone chatter, social media, travel to the Middle East, anything that seems relevant.

I’m sure that the FBI has profiled their most likely suspects, so let’s have the local FBI, assisted by the police, haul the usual suspects in for a chat. I our guys are doing their jobs, we have known associates, conversation, travel, etc.

Let’s not be PC about it either: respectful of civil rights, but not bending over backwards, as we seem to do now.

Yeah, it might be too much for the folks to do, but let’s give it time. Besides, word will get around we’re doing it and we might get lucky.


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