FBI, Fix Your Culture

The FBI, and to a lesser extent, Department of Justice, need a culture makeover.

They are both probably notoriously top down driven, and not too tolerant of diverse opinions, we imagine.

We have seen this before in government agencies, because we did a rather groundbreaking study about 25 years ago of the Navy’s leadership culture,

BTW, we see some signs that the Navy is reverting to its former top down drive…..go fix that, too.

When we did the Navy study on leadership, we found many of the same problems that now apparently exist at the FBI: CYA in the extreme, political infighting when you’re all on the same team.

We have no idea whether the FBI is very diverse, either, but we suspect not, because women leaders might leaven some of the bad male leadership practices.

So, FBI, go figure out best leadership practices and get yourself fixed.

One way we got compliance from Navy commanders was to make compliance with Deming-style leadership maxims a fitness report item.

The FBI could also make it a management reporting item when managers are reviewed for promotion or wage increases. However, the Civil Service isn’t exactly a meritocracy.

We’re not sure Chris Wray is the right guy to lead the change, but it’s better to start with the devil you know that the one you don’t.

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