White Castle No Comprende

White Castle, the venerable seller of sliders, recently opened in Scottsdale AZ.

I decided I’d bring a bag home; my wife doesn’t know ol White Castle.

I wanted to know if I could order a bag of 10 through the drive through, but wanted to find out if I could do a bag through drive through, which isn’t clear from the menu.
Counter person couldn’t understand this at all. Mistake 1.

Mistake 2: Saying ‘you get in line. ‘

Good lord. Let’s hope Nikki Buchanan, the legendary Eat Beat foodie, doesn’t try White Castle yet.

The moral of this tale is that you should put your best people on the customer line, even if you’re new, and even if you’re the manager. Don’t leave the no comprende folks out there to die and sully your reputation.

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