Radio Free China

I was watching Fox News recently about the plight of the Chinese people, and the fact that they apparently have little knowlege about what’s going on outside China. Taiwan would be a logical broadcasting spot, since it’s just off the mainland of China.

So, why not set up Radio Free China, designed to be like Radio Free Europe was after the second World War.

Maybe a little less propaganda that RFE, but designed to bring more news to the Chinese people. What kind of news? I would hope fair and balanced. No CNN, although some CNN stories could be used. Maybe some Fox, maybe some Sky News.It would be hard to evaluate ‘fair and balanced’, since most of the censors and minders of news are either liberal or conservative, but that’s what I’d strive for.

Sell advertising, sure. Can probably turn a profit. Think of all the multinational companies who’d want to broaden their promotional base in China.

If we get some support for this, I can take it up with the State Department.

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