How to motivate salespeople

Was asked by a CEO recently about how to motivate his salespeople.  My answer was “create an environment in which they are motivated.”

This economic re-set has set the best salespeople on their heels.  10-20% of them cheap cialis 20mg have  adapted, adjusted and are moving forward with incredible success.  The remaining 80% are all over the board as far as adjustment.  An attitude adjustment is required jumping castle.

The best way to motivate salespeople is to stand on the platform of optimism and positivity.  One of the exercises I give all my clients to be done 7 days a week is to focus on what’s good.  Write down a minimum of 5-7 things that they are grateful for at the beginning of their dayPå lager.  It’s interesting that when starting this exercise they write: “grateful for my family, my health, my dog.”  The more they focus on what’s good, their responses become “I am joyful about my marketing and sales effort progress.”  “I called a strategic alliance and he was pleased to make contact.  He welcomed a meeting with me.”  WoW!  Those comments came from a discouraged salesperson after doing this exercise for only one week.  He called me and said “I’ve had more success in two days than I have had in the last six weeks.”

Try the above exercise!  Allow yourself to experience the difference.

Connie Kadansky , sales call reluctance coach and trainer,

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    All entrepreneurs probaby deal with anxiety all the time. Can you send us a link? If we like it, we will link in.

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