Rating the Crowdfunding Platforms

Entrepreneur in its print version had a useful article about a crowdfunding rating agency, if you will, called CrowdsUnite.

We took a look at their site, and while not exactly a ratings agency, they did list 12 crowdfunding sites on their website, with links.

About two or three of them appear useful to business, but it’s all in the crowdfunding listing and what happens.

One of our clients had an interesting experience with www.hyperfund.com, which was that they didn’t disclose a $5,000 commitment fee to do research on whether to approve his loan. We thought that should be waived altogether, and told one of the Hyperfund founders so, since as a member of Solutions Forum, we’ve already vetted his funding need and even recommended funding platforms.

We’ll do the same for you…..we only charge $100 as a review fee, and we’ll throw in access to our articles site at www.thesolutionsforum.com. For a complete run-through on financing sources, take our Alternative Funding course at www.theasoe.com

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3 Responses to Rating the Crowdfunding Platforms

  1. I think it’s superb that you are including new funding possibilities and the ways they tie into business and entrepreneurship. It’s great to see a true advocate for visionaries, this is a resource that I will come back to often. Thanks again,

    ~Coach Mark Edward Brown

    • asechmentor@gmail.com says:

      Thanks for the comment and the endorsement. We created the school to serve entrepreneurs, startup and ongoing, and I know from running my Solutions Forum groups that money is usually one commodity entrepreneurs are short of.
      Feel free to post again on the blog; we started that because I see a lot of media articles that deserve wider distribution than their own publications.
      We are particularly interested in entrepreneurial leadership, because no one teaches it. I have a course in development, but I usually lack time to finish stuff. Any client stories are welcome; I’m about to post one from one of my clients.

  2. Denis duNann says:

    http://www.hyperfund.com is a crowdfunding marketplace focusing on Equity Crowdfunding.
    hyperfund DOES NOT charge any up front fees to the investors or issuers.
    hyperfund has never presented a $5000 fee or any fee for Due Diligence or other research.
    The above blog post ‘Rating the Crowdfunding Platforms’ has accurate and misleading information about hyperfund.

    Thank you.

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