4 Things You Can Learn from the Best Business Blogs

Once,  you’ve made the decision to blog……you have something to say to your actual and target customers, Alex Honeywell, writing in The Daily Muse,  has come up with four things he thinks you can learn from the best business blogs.

1. Find your voice (and make it fun): this means not all blogs will be written alike. Some are more scholarly (not this one) and some less, but you’ve got to find your own voice, or a writing style that you feel most comfortable writing in. Making it fun means putting a little humor in your writing.

2. Package your content, especially with videos. Now, putting videos with your blog is well regarded by the search engines, but it’s time consuming. Will videos influence your customers to buy? We are reworking one of our school concepts to do video blogs, but it takes a lot of time.

3. Educate. We like to think that we’ve put stuff into this blog that is educational, and our audience generally agrees. Our comment button isn’t the easiest to find, but it’s there, and we hear about blogs that aren’t telling our audience something that they need.

4.  Go social. By this the author means link into Twitter and Facebook, but we caution on that, because you have to make sure your customers are on the social media you are using, otherwise you won’t get the response that makes the blog worthwhile.

Anyway, if you want to read more of Alex’ blog on this subject, it’s at http://bounceexchange.com/bounce/iframeCampaign?cv_id=72388152&visit_id=1283336

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