When It’s Time to Take the Back Seat

Or at least the right seat.

There comes a time when a company is launched, and it’s time to the founder to bring in some additional talent.

There’s an interesting post in Inc, at www.inc.com/karl-and-bill/when-its-time-take-the-back-seat.html about this topic, but it’s a little too narrowly focused.

For example, we have a member of Solutions Forum that has gotten his company to sustainability, but I’m not sure understands that, in return for v.c. funding, he might have to give up control. Intellectually, he gets it, but I’m not sure he’s there emotionally. And he’s sitting on a nice little niche company that could probably be twice the size it is. But he’s got to look at other alternatives, like co-manufacuring with another Solutions Forum member.

And, at any point, the founder has to make a decision when it’s time to step back. Does he/she have other things in mind? Is the person to whom I’m handing off really capable? Even Apple might have been handed off to the wrong person. Not that he’s a bad person, just maybe not right to lead a company of crazed innovators.

And then there are family members…..

These things keep us in business. Take a look at course S06 on Family Business.

And don’t get us started on back seat drivers…..

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