Google Helps Small Business Tap the Web

This blogpost appeared on CBS News, of all  places, recently, and is fairly major.

Companies that will do website desgin for free, in return for SEO work are probably the growth industry in web site design, but Google might just have put them all on the truck.

Google does their service through Small Business Services off their main page, and signs you up through Google +, their answer to Facebook. The quid pro quo is that you buy pay per click advertising from Google in some amount (we haven’t actually tried the service, since we don’t have any new websites coming along), but PPC works, so it’s not a big deal. Businesses who have used the service report high sales gains (none of them was on the web previously ). Presumably, Google helps you with localized SEO, which would be important for most of you.

Bravo to Google; this is an example of a really big need filled by a big company.

We would provide the link to the article, but if you’re interested, the best thing to do is to toggle through as outlined above.

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