Why Hiring People Who Annoy You Helps You Innovate

Douglas Merrill, writing in fastcompany.com, wrote this interesting blogpost on 9/7/12.

As a former annoyance at Ford for 10 years who definitely created some innovations (Ford made about 10x my cumulative salary off me), I just had to comment.

I happen to agree with Douglas, but the biggest hurdle that company owners of small businesses have to overcome in hiring annoyances (usually in the sales and/or marketing departments) is figuring out how to live with them, and any possible effects on staff morale. Divas, male and female, do tend to behave like what they are.

BTW, Ford’s better now under Alan Mullaly: we even collaborated with them in developing an innovation test which was given to all middle managers. I would have passed, but 10,000 Fordies didn’t.

Here’s the link: http://www.fastcompany.com/30000966/why-hiring-people-who-annoy-you-helps-you-innovate

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