Puzder. Please.Now

Apparently some weak knees exist in the Senate regarding the nomination of Andy Puzder to be Labor Secretary.

Collins and Murkowski seem to be anti several of Republican cabinet members, because they’re getting paid to be anti. Maybe their union buddies have put the bug in their ear and dollars in their bank accounts to oppose Andy Puzder.

Those weak knees must not know what a wreckage the Obama gang made of work rules, wage and hour laws and the like.

All these regs have hampered small business and need to go. In fact, we think most of the Department of Labor could go.

If you’ve read any of Puzder’s writing about free enterprise and the franchise system, over the last few years in the Wall Street Journal, you know that franchising is a great way to create jobs and wealth, you know that he’s a real free enterprizer.

So, rattle the cages of Sens. Murkowski, Collins, Scott and Issacson.

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  1. asechmentor@gmail.com says:

    Well, the weak kneed Republicans appear to have killed off Puzder’s nomination, and so ended about the best hope we’ve seen in 20 years to get labor/management relations back in balance.
    You clowns deserve to be defeated the next time you’re up for reelection. We’re gonna oppose you, we’re gonna recommend that NFIB oppose you, and anything else that comes to mind.
    Hell, just shut down the Labor Department and be done with it. We’ll attack at the state level.

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