Invest in You

This was the title of a Fox Business channel documentary run between noon and two today, with Charles Payne, Liz Claman and a bunch of other Foxies in front of a live studio audience.

The problem is that the special missed the mark.

My business partner was so ticked off she sent a comment to Fox, and this commentary reflects a lot of what she said.

First, on education. Education should be in support of what you do. Not everyone wants or needs to go to a four year college. The best jobs are in the trades. Instead, Fox went back to the old bromides.

Second on job training. Arizona has an internship program that is well thought through. The companies doing the internships train you. Arizona tests you to find out what your interests are. You’re put into a search term database. Sounds like Indeed, but it’s run by the state. I hope that other states emulate this sort of program.

Third, what about entrepreneurship? One small business owner talked about that, but none of the Foxies had any advice for him, other than saying that old bromide (which is true) that small business is the engine that drives the economy. Talk to SCORE? Find a mentor? Not mentioned.

Fourth, what about the workers in the economy? Under full employment, employers invest in their employees and hope that they stick around. Are they motivated? Most are.

Charles, we like you, so we’ll give Fox Business do over.

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