News You Can Use (with a Little Research)

It occurred to me that I’ve never outlined in a blog the articles I give to my groups and clients to the electronic public, so here goes (we hope to do this towards the end of every month):

  1. The Industrial Evolution: be prepared to automate some of your jobs out of existence.
  2. Collaboration Is More Than a Buzzword: what should you do to make your employees more collaborative? (hint: change company culture). Big topic.
  3. Earlier deadlines for reporting Obamacare (if you have more than 50 employees).
  4. More firms are using bonuses, not pay raises, to reward employees.
  5. Employer Impact of Marajuana Regulation: this was the Arizona impact, but over 40 states have laws about it. Companion article on why businesses oppose marijuana legalization in Arizona.
  6.  Lead a Revolution from Within: Be an internal disruptor, don’t wait to get run over.
  7. $12 Arizona Minimum Wage Plus Sick Leave: an Arizona ballot proposition in November. NFIB special ballot. Serious implementation problems if it passes, since AZ is at $8.05 now.

This was actually a light month for reading.

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