Mickey D, No QC

For some reason, maybe people, maybe training, maybe something else, our two local McDonalds have had a QC problem. And it’s usually on my wife’s order, even though I pick the orders up at drive thru. One was missing a bun, one a patty, two got cheese when no cheese ordered. In all cases, McDonalds made it right without question, but what happened to initial quality control?

They get the order right, but the problem is execution.

Do you have the same problem? When’s the last time you either kept order execution statistics or checked fulfillment correctness? Think about it; get your manufacturing and warehouse managers on the same page.

If you’re a service business or retail, what metrics do you use to make sure execution is where it should be?

Lots of companies track customer satisfaction rates, but we haven’t seen much on intermediate steps.

One of our School’s investors has also got a good story on a screwup involving an offshoring supplier, so we’ll let her tell it.

In the meantime, look over your quality control procedures and how they’re working.

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