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This is supposed to be a business blog, and I’ve been meaning to write one on Trump, since I knew him a little bit at Wharton.

The foreign policy speech sounded like it was right out of Reagan’s playbook, other than Trump promised to make our foreign negotiations a win-win for us, Russia and the Chinese, which is what Reagan actually did. But there was the ‘we’ll bury you’ threat behind it, which no one should discount.

Presumably, one would add Mexico into the even handed mix. BTW, I saw an interview with a border patrol agent, from the Yuma section, and, with a wall, illegal crossings were down 89%. Trump just wants people to come legally, which he said last night.

In a business vein, what this all says is fair trade, unless it’s perceived that you’re taking advantage of us.

Trump is behaving more like the ACTUAL nominee than thee putative one. I suspect the foreign policy speech just put Barry, Ted, John and Hilary on the trailer.

But, the key thing is that the whole Trump era is going to be a paradigm shift. Go look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls, but I suspect the readers of this blog get it.

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