The Pay Equity Police (Might) Get Some New Ammunition

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is at it again.

There are new proposed rules to equalize pay at companies employing over 100 workers. Those below the magic 100 presumably will stay the same as they are now, which is some, but not much reporting on the gender and ethnic mix of employees. There’s a form EEO-1, which has to be filed annually. Still a pain.

If the new regulation sees the light of day, which it could under the Obamaites, just by diktat from the Department of Labor, not any legislative consideration, you’ll have to report on employees by 14 gender, race or ethnic groups, within 12 pay bands. Helluva matrix. Major pain.

Companies below 50 employees are exempt from all of this nonsense.

There was a hearing on this on March 16th, where the libs predictably thought the new rule was a good idea, rooting out pay discrimination. No record that any biz groups were invited; they weren’t reported upon. We didn’t see any reports from NFIB, which is usually on this sort of stuff.

Maybe the Office of Management and Budget won’t get the headcount required to do and administer the reporting.

Now, we don’t know of any pay discrimination between races, genders or whatever; employees are too hard to find, so they get paid well regardless. And this is Arizona, not exactly a bastion of liberal pay policies. Our minimum wage is still $7.05.

Just another impediment to growth, guys and gals. 9 months to go…..

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