Trump on Business

Lost in all the media commotion of whether the Donald is going to run (which he is) and whether he’ll be around at the end (he will) at the convention, is what he might do to help the business community, which should be considerable. Reversing eight years of the Obamaites should be a founding principle.

The Donald and I went to Wharton in the late 1960s, and he hasn’t changed much.

But, here are some solid ideas:

1. Cut corporate tax rates in the US and abroad to around 25%.  If you create more jobs, you get a break. Anybody remember workfare?

2. Abolish the tax on rebating the 2 trillion or whatever that’s sitting abroad. I assume it’s been earned reasonably honestly. Tell the companies it would be better if they created some jobs in foreign countries or bought a few companies (are you listening Apple?) to get the level down to what’s needed for general working capital. Donald is off base on criticizing the Ford plant in Mexico….they’re doing it because of lower labor costs and generally less intereference in their management by the South American countries. The market is booming.

3. Get rid of stupid corporate rules, such as most of the ones the EPA and the NLRB issue. I think most corporations are good corporate citizens, and will do the right thing if given a chance. Let the marketplace decide what needs to be done, as in autos.

4. Zero base budget all social programs, and probably even the Defense Department. What outcomes do they produce? What else could be done? The VA is a classic example, since it overlaps the civilian heathcare system. I’m a vet, and I’ve never used VA (I live too far from a hospital). Needless to say, Obamacare goes away, but maybe there are elements of it (portability, guaranteed issue) that should be kept. Put the bureaucrats on workfare.

5. As your henchperson, make Carly Fiorina to be your Vice President. She’s more than capable, but she’s foundering in the Republican kerfuffle. She becomes the Hilary Attack Dog, a role she will relish. This will be popular with all the women in the audience.

So, those are some opening thoughts on how to keep things going.

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