Obamacare for Business

Well, it appears that we’re stuck with this albatross for 18 months or so; I’m sure it will be at the top of the ‘repeal and replace’ agenda.

But, as businessmen, we have a couple of observations:

1. It appears, since there are still 30 million uninsured people, at least some of whom are probably working, that the mandate to get insurance was ignored by many.

2. As businesspeople, it’s the right thing to do to provide your employees health insurance; it probably aids in retention. What mix of coverage and deductibles you provide should be up to you.

3. However, if you reduced staff and/or put some people on 30-hour max workweeks, to avoid Obamacare,  it appears that you might not have to worry about whether you get hauled before the healthcare police, since a lot of people are still uninsured, and no one is going after them.

4.  You can rest assured though, that since the subsidies are the law of the land, and are pretty substantial, that your part time workers could, on their own, get healthcare insurance.

5. Down the road, we’ll go back to the way we were: some employers will provide health insurance, some won’t, depending on each company’s circumstances. It would be good if there were state exchanges on insurance, to check whether you as a business or individual are getting the best deal for what you want.

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