Don’t Be A Victim of an IRS Shakedown

Recently, Fox News reported that two small businesses had their bank accounts seized, one to the tune of $400,000, and the other, $35,000.

There’s something wrong with this reporting, because normally when the IRS seizes your bank account, it’s for back or non-payment of taxes, usually 941 taxes which are the ones for social security, unemployment, etc.

We ‘ve fished several clients out of the IRS’ clutches over the years, as well as being the subject of bank account seizures ourselves, so we’ve got some experience in this area.

We’d like to contact Fox for clarification, but they make it difficult to contact them. One’s email just goes off into the ether.

So, be forewarned. If we can help, call us at 1-800-716-9626.

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