Hero to Zero

We are looking for a small video camera to record Solutions Forum meetings and do courses for the School.

So, we trucked over to Best Buy, and looked around, examined specs and settled on a GoPro Hero….flashy packaging, well known name, ok price.

But, the packaging proved absolutely inpenetrable….the big thing was not getting the backing plate off so I could mount the camera on a tripod…but the whole thing was an exercise in frustration. So, the Hero went to Zero after I returned it to Best Buy (and they graciously accepted it, even with packaging in pieces).

The moral of the story is your packaging might get you purchases, but ease of use and good directions (neither of which the Hero has) will get you repeat customers. And, GoPro has lost a few in this, because I shared the problems with one group of my clients, who’d originally agreed to the taping.

Test your products with your target audience! Video the customers taking the product out of the package! What problems do they have? Are they still delighted all the way to use?

The Hero’s successor, from Samsung, is cute, but apparently has no directions for use, but we think we can intuit it.

What’s the matter with this product segment? The techies certainly aren’t talking to the marketeers.

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