Memo to Barry: Fire Some People

We’ll assume you know that ‘Barry’ is President O.

Well, he could start with himself, but I guess we’re stuck with him for a couple more years. Your board of directors (us) doesn’t think much of you, and would probably fire you if you were in fact a CEO, but politics has different game rules.

Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal had the right idea: Barry better call Bush to review personnel. Bush liked Rumsfeld, respected him, but fired him when he didn’t do the job. Barry should do the same, like a good CEO.

But, in a broader sense, every CEO comes up against the fact that some of his team aren’t doing the job: Susan Rice, John Brennan, Chuck Hagel. Maybe John Kerry, but Obama hasn’t given him much to work with internationally. Maybe Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security Chief, but he at least didn’t get chewed up and spit out by the dreaded Trey Gowdy, famed inquisitioner of Democrats. CIA: Bob Gates, give him whatever he wants to come back.

OK, if Barry were to fire some people, what does he do next? The Dems seem to be a hopeless bunch of hacks.

My thought is, that for the good of the country, Barry should hire some better people: Ray Odierno for SecDef (he looks the part, and is a good combat commander), Stan McChrystal for SecState (he’d terrorize our enemies), John Bolton for UN Ambassador. These guys know what they’re doing. Lynn Cheney for Homeland Security. Ms. Smooth, chip off ‘ol block. Trey Gowdy for Attorney General.

There you have it.

PS: The essence of leadership is admitting personal responsibility for all those underperformers, too.

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