No a league for schwarzer

No a league for schwarzer. We need to build new leagues.

– We need a new server patch.

(Sorry about the long explanation – but it makes it all easier. It was a quick update, and it’s now available on our forums. If you’re having any problems getting the patch, contact us 바카라사이트at [email protected]. Thanks!)

It is possible to disable server switching altogether by going into options.

– I can’t play on a server you’ve never heard of. Is it a bug? Please let me know! If so, please do a report, so we can resolve it

– Please use Discord wh우리카지노enever you want, since it’s so much faster

– You can disable players directly from the Discord, for maximum transparency.

– To fix a server problem, look no further than this thread.

How can I become a member?

The rules of this Discord will apply to any team that is registered with the Discord. We encourage teams to be proactive, and try to join at least once every month!

– You can find more information about this page here: How can I become a member?

– You can send us an Invite to the Discord

바카라사이트Don’t be shy:

Don’t give up! You’re a great player! What do you have to lose? Do the right thing and join us!

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