Senator calls for locally backed alcohol plan for the whole city

Senator calls for locally backed alcohol plan for the whole city.

The bill is expected to be debated in the city council meeting and will then come to Mayor Bob Buck. Buck is the most senior바카라 elected official in the city at 45 years old, meaning he will be involved in the discussion.

“I think the public will need to be provided with adequate information so that our citizens can make informed decisions,” said Mayor Buck. “Right now, it’s up to us to keep our residents safe and their businesses functioning.”

The plan includes creating a network우리카지노 of locally owned retailers and other businesses in the city to increase their presence in the downtown area.

But the bill also has other provisions, including prohibiting alcohol and cannabis from being served within 50 feet of a school and building.

While the measure could bring the city more tax revenue, it is unlikely to solve any of the problems that blight the area.

The city is also considering using proceeds from the proceeds from the wine sales to pay for improvements to downtown.

The city already has some money earmarked for construction, but is not in the process of making any final payments. But Buck’s administration is planning to seek an increase in city revenue to pay for new improvements. The next City Council meeting is March 16.

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