Margaret river offshore drilling lease approved, according to The Herald and Herald Sun

Margaret river offshore drilling lease approved, according to The Herald and Herald Sun

Victoria Coast District Council has approved the exploration of Victoria’s most remote remote marine zone.

The district councillor is understood to have authorised exploration after the council received feedback about the proposed project last week.

The plan, based on the concept of ‘bounty’ land – areas that attract oil and gas to be developed – was a ‘no go’ before the council was contacted.

‘This is a bold new direction for the Victorian Coast District and its residents’ lives, which will open up a new era for regional and coastal industries as we develop a new wave of exploration and production opportunities.

‘It will provide a longterm benefit for our regional economy and jobs through increased supply and quality for those industries in this increasingly competitive sea.’

The project would require exploration in the heart of the Darling, Gippsland and Parramatta marine areas.

The council has now approved the land use and environmental assessment, which will determine how much land the area would contain.

It will then be decided on the type of land the government would use in the region – or where it would choose to focus oil and gas reserves.

Drilling to date has involved the work of Chevron and is part of the wider ‘Offshore Zone’ policy outlined by the Federal Government after last November’s federal election defeat.

Victoria’s remote marine zones will encompass four main sites: the Darling, Gippsland, Parramatta and Cascadia.

The Darling, Gippsland and Parramatta marine areas

The Darling River

The area within about 5km of the Darling is where oil and gas exploration is e바카라xpected to begin, and contains huge oil-bearing oil wells.

But some concerns were raised about the site’s potential for oil spills and potential for a spill of crude and oil.

It is thought that these oil companies could have an industrial impa바카라사이트ct on the area if a spill had taken place.

The Cascadia marine area
The Darling and Cascadia rivers are a great combination for oil and gas exploration. An estimated 250,000 barrels a day are being produced at the Darling river, so much oil is flowing through it every day and the potential for spills is greater.

It is thought that Chevron, whose operations there are based on the area, could have an industrial impact on the area if a spill had taken place, or worse, if it breached dams.

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