Lions bring in reid for inquest

Lions bring in reid for inquest

DARROW HILLS — A young father charged with killing his daughter and the mother of his바카라 stepdaughter was found not guilty Thursday at the state’우리카지노s second-degree murder trial of three men.

Thomas S. Reed, 44, of 10500 Monroe Ave. in East Lisle pleaded guilty in the deaths of Tanya Reed, 9, of 1250 Lake Ave., the alleged shooter; Daniel James Reed, 46, of 10500 Monroe Ave.; and his wife, Carol, 30, of 1250 Lake Ave. A grand jury is expected to resume deliberations in the case before the next general court of appeals.

Defense attorneys contended during the two-week trial, prosecutors proved the killings were premeditated, that Reed never mentioned any of the slayings but rather simply claimed they were revenge attacks by women who were jealous of his relationship with the girl of the same name.

Defense attorneys said it was Reed who made the threats to hurt the girl and to kill her mother.

State Attorney William M. Duffey questioned Reed’s motive, saying Reed “would take his revenge” against Renatyasastra.comed for a long-standing “relationship” that wasn’t working properly.

His defense lawyers also said that Reed’s daughter, Tanya, was being abused by Reed when the two were at age 15. Reed told detectives that the girl got a job in his business and that it was Reed that had a problem with her, Duffey said. Reed had filed a restraining order against the girl, saying he was angry with her for sleeping over on the night of the slayings.

Duffey said Reed told police that he wasn’t involved in the slayings and the killings didn’t occur during Reed’s business hours but on the morning of April 18, 2000. The police reports indicate Reed was out of the state on business that day.

While Reed was initially charged with two counts of murder, the defense contended that he acted alone in the slayings and that the killings took place after Reed’s daughter’s arrest for violating his restraining order. Reed’s attorney said Reed was never involved in any type of murder and told detectives he shot Tanya to get rid of her.

Duffey pointed out during Wednesday’s preliminary hearing that the victim’s two young children were home and Reed was charged with failing to appear in court for the initial two-week trial. Reed, according to authorities, went from the state’s mental health office to a psychiatric hospital and was transferred to New Britain

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