When Boredom Gets The Best of You

That sage old guy, Norm Brodsky, has got an interesting post of boredom among CEO’s, which we’ve even discussed in our CEO groups.

However, I’ve been in the bored camp, and I’ve got a couple of other suggestions:

1. Go take a tour of your own facility. Marvel at what you’ve wrought, and be thankful for it.

2. If this is the second or third time you’ve been bored this month, then consider selling the company and doing something else.  Been there, done that.

3. If you’ve done (1) above, then walk down to the sandwich shop down the street, or walk to a new one. Ponder what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and try not to have a wreck or get hit by a car.

4. If you haven’t talked to your kids in a while, do that. Tell your kids to round up the grandkids and get everyone on a Skype call.

Merry Christmas!

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