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Memo to Barry: Fire Some People

We’ll assume you know that ‘Barry’ is President O. Well, he could start with himself, but I guess we’re stuck with him for a couple more years. Your board of directors (us) doesn’t think much of you, and would probably … Continue reading

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Discipline Your Employees!

We were watching the Arizona Cardinals play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon, and it couldn’t escape us that the 49ers really beat themselves by a large number of personnel infractions against the Cardinals. Do your employees beat themselves … Continue reading

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The Good News and Bad News About Bank Overdraft Charges

Yeah, those annoying charges that happen when the timing of cash inflows and outflows isn’t quite right. We don’t keep much extra cash in our business account, preferring to buy corporate preferreds with it. The good news, at least for … Continue reading

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Management and Leadership Lessons From the Ray Rice Debacle

I don’t know if there have been some business pundits on Bloomberg or CNBC opining about what management and CEOs can learn from the Ray Rice episode (I’m sure our readers will let us know), but below are a few thoughts: 1. … Continue reading

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and I would never

Make your own clothes. This is not for everyone, and I would never advocate you making your kids wear weird, homemade looking clothes. That being said, you really may want to try your hand at making clothing. But what I’ve … Continue reading

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BlackBox compression

Kristopher 18, I presume your correction applies to my post 11 where I quote from your April 16th article. If this is the case then it still doesnt make sense as the 2800+ is only a CG stepping and therefore … Continue reading

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