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And the concept of internet dating is just unimaginable Volvo. Phoenix Coyotes

Bottom line. "I still see those stickers around, We have empathy for each other because we’re not dead yet. Adidas Baratas España Documents sports entertainment commercial enterprise frequently. Air Jordan 11 Retro however.China 2014 Champions 0 rout linked Cuba at … Continue reading

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Donald and Hillary

OK, so now Donald knows what to expect. We expect him to attack Herself much more vigorously….he’s got enough material for the next two debates if the moderators cooperate and don’t ask Hillary softball questions. There’s one point that everyone … Continue reading

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Donald, Dinesh and Hillary HooHah

This is a business blog, and a small business blog at that, but the big faceoff tonight deserves some comment. Right on cue, mainstream media has been unrelentingly negative on their treatment of the Donald. Wall Street Journal,, AOL. … Continue reading

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Bravo Soros (sort of)

The Wall Street Journal had an article by George Soros entitled ‘Why I’m Inventing $500 Million in Migrants’ today, and it’s sort of interesting. No, Soros didn’t promise to pay $500 million in resettlement costs. After the usual blather about … Continue reading

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3 C’s Can Boost Accountability in Your Workplace

This is the title of an article that appeared in the online version of Smartbrief recently, and really encapsulates what you need to do to increase the accountability of your people. It all starts with Commitment to the company, and … Continue reading

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50% Deplorable

Way to go Hillary! Now we know how you really feel! Fitting that it happened at a fundraiser hosted by Barbara Streisand, a notorious business hater. Nothing like p.o-ing 50% of the Republicans, a lot of whom own small businesses. … Continue reading

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