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Don’t Be A Victim of an IRS Shakedown

Recently, Fox News reported that two small businesses had their bank accounts seized, one to the tune of $400,000, and the other, $35,000. There’s something wrong with this reporting, because normally when the IRS seizes your bank account, it’s for … Continue reading

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Chinese Business Proverbs

Signs of the times: business aphorisms inside one’s fortune cookie (Mao must be turning over in his grave): Here are a couple: 1.  A leader is powerful to the degree he empowers others. 2. A brave man is the one … Continue reading

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OMG! Not Another Czar!

Jeez, if there’s one thing we DONT need, it’s another guy or gal to gum up the works with commentary on what the government is doing late and short on the Ebola crisis. They’re not exactly up to speed on the … Continue reading

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Hero to Zero

We are looking for a small video camera to record Solutions Forum meetings and do courses for the School. So, we trucked over to Best Buy, and looked around, examined specs and settled on a GoPro Hero….flashy packaging, well known … Continue reading

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The Fixer: Marcus Lemonis

We’re glad INC Magazine put Marcus on the cover. He has a unique set of skills, in going around the country and fixing people, process and product. We’ve been fans of ‘ The Profit’ on CNBC ever since it came … Continue reading

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