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Fear and Loathing at American Airlines and the TSA

Well, I didn’t think the time my wife and I had an airliner door closed in our faces (on Delta) on the first leg of a European vacation could be topped, but I think AA has done it. And I’m sorry … Continue reading

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News You Can Use (with a Little Research)

It occurred to me that I’ve never outlined in a blog the articles I give to my groups and clients to the electronic public, so here goes (we hope to do this towards the end of every month): The Industrial … Continue reading

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You Can Do It!

We just had an interesting new joiner of Solutions Forum….an ex-con who started his clothing design business with $50 in a shack behind his house, because no one would hire him as a screen printer/designer. He actually conceived the business … Continue reading

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Tim, We’re Here for You

There have been several articles lately about Tim Cook and his leadership style, most recently in FAST COMPANY, where he complained that it was lonely at the top. Well, yeah. Doesn’t make any difference how big the company is. But, … Continue reading

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Trump on Trade

It’s no particular secret among our friends and associates that we like Donald Trump; went to school with him and have supported him for President. However, his trade policy needs rethinking. It sounds like protectionism, but there are times when … Continue reading

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The Trump Meltdown

Donald can win the presidency by being more focused. Here’s how. Continue reading

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