You Can Do It!

We just had an interesting new joiner of Solutions Forum….an ex-con who started his clothing design business with $50 in a shack behind his house, because no one would hire him as a screen printer/designer. He actually conceived the business while still in prison.

Now he’s doing fine (aside from having more ideas than money), and is about to get some of his designs and T-shirts listed on Amazon, which, I suspect, is gonna be Huuuuge. He did a test recently and sold 33 in 7 minutes. Not bad.

He’s got great instincts, and joined us to have us act as a focus group as well as business advisors.

So, don’t think that you can’t start a business. If you’ve got a dream and $50, you can do it. We can help. 1-800-716-9626.


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