The Trump Meltdown

Well, Donald has about reached his nadir; he didn’t show for a rally in Phoenix, although there was a hellacious monsoon storm, so he’s mostly forgiven. But no one apologized for the no show on national TV from Denver or wherever he might have been. Mike Pence was here, but didn’t apologize, not that it was broadcast on the 10 pm news.

It’s time for Donald to take stock of what’s going right and wrong. We in the business community are praying that he makes it, and this constituency remains solid, although an informal poll taken among my friends at a local gathering of the Leadership Council of Arizona NFIB didn’t get a lot of enthusiasm for attending the rally, even before the storm.

Donald has got to realize that it’s time to broaden his appeal beyond the white males. Here are some ideas:


Hire some surrogates in the minority communities: Jason Riley and Ben Carson are on board as African Americans, ask them how man appearances they want to make.

You need a high profile female endorser, such as a Carly Fiorina, if she doesn’t still have bad feelings about losing to you. Meg Whitman, a nominal Republican is backing Hillary. AARGH!

Same thing with a Latino or Latina endorser; you trashed Gov. Susan Martinez of New Mexico, who would have been good.

Stop the petty fights: take a deep breath when you know the press is baiting you (which they’re going to do until November) on a question and think for a couple of beats before answering. You know most of the mainstream press is against you, occasionally even Fox, so don’t give them any ammunition.

Stay focused on jobs and the economy; it’s your sweet spot. It’s ok to criticize Hillary on these, because she has no ideas. Your tax plans are excellent, as is your debt plan, but deserves more explanation.

Anyway, Donald, you’ve got 88 days to turn it around. The electorate is just about paying attention.

Your former classmate at Wharton, John.


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